Open space design Hospice Eisenach, Thuringia

The overall design concept of the open spaces surrounding the hospice is based on the reflection of life. Five parts are reflecting life´s different stages that offer the guest and visitor the chance to symbolically recall their lives by walking through and experiencing it.

Different places and plant designs contribute to the "path of life" that starts with birth and ends with death.

Embedded in this open space design are symbols used to underline the message, e.g. a pond as a symbol for the origin of life, a place that represent school as well as a pond for the reflection of life. Connected are these through paths that represent youth and work life.

A significant relevance is linked to the plants that frame the space and give meaning to the general principle. To name some examples, memories of childhood can be activated by eating fruit or doing garden work like growing herbs and vegetables. Through these plants the conscious experience of this space and of these different opportunities becomes possible and perceptible.

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