Protestant elementary school

The Protestant elementary school is integrated within the Protestant school centre building which is situated at Eisenach’s former long Army base. During the summer holidays construction work took place for a new school backyard.

At first the parking space was redesigned. A part of it was excluded from this and later used to create “green” classrooms. Gabions with wooden tops were placed at certain spots and serve as benches for children.

The canteen which is situated in the basement of the school building provides schoolyard access. A little amphitheatre is placed right in front of the exit. It serves as connection to the upper level where the schoolyard is located. The children can eat either on those benches or use this space for theatre plays. The circular shape of the amphitheatre reflects at the school yard level. This place can be used by the children playing in their school breaks or for school plays, dances or other activities.

The area is equipped with a pathway made of sand and gravel, that connects the paved areas like the amphitheatre and its reflected upper level as well as the little hills and valleys. Integrated within the hill is a slide that ends in a sand pit which can be used for long jump.

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