Children´s and youth centre "Alte Posthalterei"

This recently designed and built open space is situated between the historic city wall of Eisenach, a building attached to this property called “Alte Posthalterei” and a street. It provides a wide variety of multiple activities in one place, especially designed for children and young people.

Advertising display on a specially designed column promote all activities in this center.

Connected to this adjacent building is a paved yard with an integrated small skate ramp and a storage booth. Theatre plays, movies, festivals and most of all the kids and young people playing and spending time are the planned purpose of this place.

At one end of the skate site there is a concrete wall that features various pictures created with spray paint. This wall acts a visual border to another space in this location. A garden space.

A walkway serves as a connection between the yard and the garden space. The terrace offers a great view over the garden. Various plants, benches and an assortment of play equipment characterize this place. It is framed at one side by the town wall and the other a historical fence.

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